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WidsMob Viewer Pro $44.95/year

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When it comes to photos and sharing, there's no one-editing software that fits all solutions. Whether you're looking to share a single image or your entire collection, widsmob provides a total solution.

WidsMob Viewer Pro Capacities

WidsMob Viewer allows shoppers to view photos on their smartphones at super-fast speed. It helps users quickly view, swipe, and save multiple photo albums without any hassle.

System Requirements

Mac Model MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini
Processor Core i5 or Better
OS Version MacOS 10.13.6 or higher
Diskspace 10 GB Free Space
Display At least 1280×768
Processor Intel / AMD CPU with two cores
Graphics Open GL 3.3 or Later
Memory 8 GB of RAM
System Windows 7 or Higher
Disk Space 10 GB free
Monitor At least 1280×768

WidsMob Viewer Pro Features

  • With Show Info, images can be viewed with EXIF data in real-time.
  • Save time by tagging your images with "star." This will add tagged photos to a folder named "My Favourite." Thus, allowing you the ease of management.
  • Transform the direction of your photos at any angle you like ranging from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • Save your time by batch renaming, resizing, or converting photos in bulk.
  • Options exist for sharing photos to social networking sites or sending them as an email, etc.
  • Print photos in the best quality possible. Better still, print them yourself using a color laser or inkjet printer.

WidsMob Viewer Pro Pros & Cons


The tool is simple due to numerous automatized functions for portraits editing;

Has the batch processing function and supports editing of multiple faces at the same time;

In addition to auto-tools, there are manual ones – for special effects and areal improvement.


While the auto-functions work fast, the results are not always perfect – you will have to edit them manually in some cases;

The batch processing is available in the paid version of the tool only.

WidsMob Viewer Pro Review

It does not matter whether you capture all of your photos digitally or use a physical camera; you should always have a plan in place to manage your images. That is why widsmob needs to be your first choice.

Widsmob provides everyone with the ability to organize and edit their photos in an easy-to-use interface and lets photographers achieve their full potential.


  • Built-in thumbnail navigation lets you view single or multiple images at lightning speed.
  • This product allows you to view a variety of fascinating modes at your fingertips.
  • It’s easy to organize and access all your photos at once in one convenient window with your photo library. It’s like having a virtual picture library that’s yours to view anytime.
  • Target your audience and fans more precisely and effectively.
  • Tips and Tutorials to help beginners
  • Excellent for both versions, including portrait and landscape

Why Choose Widsmob Photo Viewer?

Great preview experience for customers:

You can save multiple images to the WidsMob Viewer database, which will allow you to see their thumbnails and all other attributes. On top of being the best photo organizer, it is also an advanced photo library.

This tool can automatically find and organize photos from different locations. It has a sophisticated algorithm that can automatically search across multiple folders, which guarantees you a super-fast search.

Contribution to Raw Formats:

Not only does this tool allow you to view image files in a variety of formats, but it also allows you to view RAW files. That means you can view images and edit them even if they’re not in the form that your software supports typically.

It can handle RAW files, even files stored on a memory card or an external hard drive. Its bundled software can also save files in several popular image formats such as JPEG, GIF, and TIFF.

Viewing modes are an invaluable tool:

As a customer, you have tons of options and opportunities. You can search through all of your photos in one and switch between folders to find the perfect shot or two.

You can view them full screen, slide through them with a photo slideshow, and check EXIF data. You can select your photos from a list and add them to a favorites folder for easy access later on. You can always find a use for technology.

Numerous Editorial Features:

No need to be an expert; Widsmob viewer puts a whole new spin on photo editing. With a handful of actions available, you can easily edit photos in seconds. If you want to control how your images are presented, you can change your photo editors photo style.

Besides, it offers a range of editing features that allow you to adjust an image’s look and feel. What a great addition! With this, you can edit photos with ease. Sure, you can delete, flip, crop, use batching process, or even rotate.

Manage your images:

You can easily drag and locate your images to any desired folder you want. If you didn’t like the pictures via Camera Roll, you could delete them from your widsmob app.

On iOS, the widsmob app offers this function for all images — not just those taken with the iPhone. This feature lets customers add products to a collection they can access later. Customers may add products to a Favorite folder, and later, they can sort, organize, or even convert their Favorites into multiple formats.

Available for Mac and Pc:

In case you’re searching for free photo-editor software that is compatible with both pc and mac, Widsmob is the right choice for you. The Photo Editor is a powerful app that lets you do basic photo-editing tasks offline, such as cropping, rotating, and adjusting the brightness and color of your photos — no trial limitations or watermark.

With Widsmob, you also get Movavi Photo editor free for windows which lets you creatively edit your images.

Pricing Structure:


Widsmob Photo viewer is a breakthrough piece of reasonably priced software from Widsmob. This software will get you to the exact location but with a lot less effort and hassle than Adobe photoshop, Photoshop element, Pixlr X and CorelDRAW, etc.

Try any photo editing software. The products will let you express your creativity and show off a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. No matter what your skill level, every editor should give these tools a shot.

Widsmob Photo Viewer is a modern and functional image editing, management, and organization solution with an incredibly unique interface that makes use of retouching tools that no other image-editing software has.

While in comparison, Widsmob’s photo editor lets you create professional-quality pictures, posts, logos, covers, and Ads for your creative projects and helps you stand out among your competitors. It is a total solution and genuinely worth the price.

WidsMob Viewer Pro Video

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