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If you’re looking for a long-term free online picture editing website, Pixlr is the best option for you.

Pixlr Capacities

Pixlr is a picture editing software that can be accessed by individuals online through their website. The website caters to individuals of like minded nature such as aspiring photographers, graphic designers, freelancers and so on. One can instantly upload their images onto the Pixlr website, and start editing them according to their heart’s desire. There are multiple features one can utilize on Pixlr, which will be highlighted in this user review below.

System Requirements

Internet browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge
Internet browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Pixlr Pros & Cons


Pixlr is a cocktail of Photoshop and Lightroom and a free alternative to both;

The tool is perfect for fast editing – you can improve your picture in a couple of seconds and post it to a social network immediately;

Includes a handy collection of pre-made filters that can make your photos look amazing in a click;

Pixlr has frames, collage feature, object transformation, and a magic wand;

The program allows you to adapt images for certain social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.;

This tool is available online on laptops and mobile devices.


Pixlr doesn’t support BMP and Tiff image formats;

The software is not compatible with online cloud storages to help users save their projects online and access them from anywhere they are;

Some tools of Pixlr work slowly and buggy;

No tools like Clone and Healing;

Doesn’t support large and high-quality images.

Pixlr Review

As soon as you navigate to the Pixlr website, you will be seeing the option to either open an image or create a new one as shown below.

After choosing one of these options, as soon your image has been uploaded, you will be viewing a user interface style quite similar to Photoshop. With a wide variety of filters to play around with, along with multiple layers and masks for those who might want to experiment with advanced editing, Pixlr is an excellent outlet for aspiring photographers and designers to unleash their creativity and let it flow. One can also make use of the brushes that can be customized according to your needs, along with multiple other tools and keyboard shortcuts for options that are commonly used.

Features of Pixlr

Given the fact that it is a Flash-based online editing service, users must make sure that a Flash plugin is preinstalled on their PC to make sure that Pixlr works smoothly, without any inconveniences. Along with the fact that it’s free, users need not go through the painstaking process of making an account to access Pixlr features either. Its efficiency is one of the main reasons why Pixlr is such a popular website amongst photographers, both aspiring as well as professional ones. A few of Pixlr’s features are:

  • Editing tools: There are multiple editing tools and features available for use, most of which are found in paid versions of photo editing applications. The tools are versatile enough to be used by anyone, for both basic as well as advanced photo editing purposes. This includes features from cropping an image, to removing objects from the background, and many more.
  • Magic wand tool: This tool allows users to pick any part of the image that they are editing, based on its color.
  • Photo collage: Allows users to put together multiple images in a collage form, and transform it into one singular image only.
  • Frame tool: Adds a frame or a border around your images, adding a more professional and unique touch to your images.
  • Object transformation tool: Allows users to add minor tweaks to the picture by cropping objects that are present in the picture.
  • Overlay: Gives users the option to “overlay” or add in images on top of their image, all the while giving off a blurred effect to make it look more natural and realistic.
  • Filters: With a wide variety of filters to choose from, Pixlr gives users the option to add a little color and zing to their photographs.
  • Text: Very simplistic and basic text tools are available on Pixlr that can be utilized to add text functions in a quick and easy way.

The benefits of using Pixlr

What makes Pixlr stand out from the other online picture editing tools is the fact that it is completely free, and does not require users to sign up to use the tools either, which saves them from the hassle and time taken to create a new account. Instead, they can instantly get right into editing their pictures and photographs.

Pixlr also gives users the advantage of saving and sharing pictures through any means whatsoever. The website itself is quite lightweight, with no download required other than a Flash plugin for smooth operation. Since Pixlr isn’t a heavy-duty website, it can be utilized by most users on almost any device. In fact, Pixlr even has a mobile-friendly website that can be used by individuals to edit their images. This mobile website does not require high memory space or storage, which makes it even more efficient to use.

Pixlr offers a range of editing tools, making it quite versatile to use. The tools available can be used for both a sophisticated editing process, as well as adding minor tweaks and adjustments to your pictures. Basically, this online editing website appeals to both tech-savvy, as well as non-tech-savvy users, which is what makes it quite popular amongst these users.

Pixlr User Experience

We personally tried out Pixlr to see what exactly the hype was about and if it was as easy to use as most users claimed it to be. When it comes to Pixlr’s user interface, the interface is quite similar to Photoshop’s. The tools and brushes, as well as other editing features, have all been aligned to the left-hand side. Along with that, there are multiple other tools and features that are available, and have been arranged on the right-hand side of the screen. Users have the option of dragging around these panels and keeping them in positions that would be more suitable and comfortable for them.

Pixlr also has a nifty history tool, which allows users to view the entire history of their editing process. In case you make any mistakes, or an edit that you are not particularly fond of, you can simply use this history tool to undo your actions. Similarly, if you feel that the act of undoing that edit was a mistake on your part, you can use the history tool to redo your actions.

Although Pixlr was built mainly for manual editing purposes, users that are in a rush or have too many photos to edit can utilize the automatic tools that have been made available by Pixar. These tools will instantly fix lighting, exposure, color, and various other characteristics of your photographs, making them more bright, appealing, and colorful.


Pixlr is an excellent free picture editing substitute option for those users who do not have the finances to pay for a heavy-duty editing app but would still like to access the features that are available on those apps. It is also an excellent option for those users who are unable to install such applications and would rather carry out their photo editing process online.

There is no restriction of types and number of images, one can use this amazing free online picture editing tool without any hesitation. Users can feel free to experiment with their creativity using the tools that are available on Pixlr. All in all, this website is an excellent option for both tech savvy, as well as non tech savvy users.

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