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InPixio Photo Studio $49.99/one time

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The inPixio gives users flexibility and ease-of-use that allows photographers to create stunning images for all occasions.

InPixio Photo Studio Capacities

With InPixio, you can instantly create the perfect photo and share it with family, friends, and clients. Editing tools are an essential component of any e-commerce site, particularly in the fashion industry.

System Requirements

Processor Intel / AMD
Graphics Open GL 3.3 or Later
Memory 4 GB of RAM
System Windows Vista or Higher
Disk Space 700 MB free
Screen Resolution At least 1124×768
Mac Model macOS 11.11 or Later
Processor 2.0 GHz or Better
Graphics 256 MB Free Space
Screen Resolution At least 1124×768

InPixio Photo Studio Features

  • inPixio provides single click photo enhancement.
  • It's the whole package: editing, enhancement, and touchup all in one place.
  • Tweak your photos to impart a sharper and more appealing look.
  • An extensive collection of thematic filters and effects is a crucial advantage for every brand.
  • Take advantage of more than 40 unique textures and add a touch of style and emotion to your images.
  • Enhance the photos of your products by applying a vignetting effect to them. A circular oval can be used for pictures to make them look more stylishly professional.
  • Refine the original blur through clarity of vision.

InPixio Photo Studio Pros & Cons


The program allows editing on numerous layers but makes it easier than Photoshop;

Great for beginners that cannot grasp all the settings of complicated editors too fast;

Interface is uncluttered and clear – you will deal with it even without instructions;

Includes powerful retouching tools for portraits.


The full version with a great pack of instruments is paid and pretty expensive;

Doesn’t have any file management system and rating for your photos;

Doesn’t have any batch processing;

The work process might be a bit slow and buggy sometimes.

InPixio Photo Studio Review

Have you used the right software to make your adjustments? If not, it can be challenging for you to get your desired results.

Not all photo editing apps are created equal. Finding the best one that makes for a quick, painless, and easy-to-use experience requires a little trial and error.

Whether a pro or a novice, users of inPixio get the same professional results.

inPixio is a quick and easy photo editor with customizable, easy-to-use tools. Whether you need to crop, optimize, or delete part of your image, inPixio is an effective photo editing tool that can help you achieve the desired aesthetic.

Every inPixio tool has been carefully designed for speed. It makes photo editing faster and better with every picture while combining the best technology and creativity.

inPixio is a professional photo editing app with a simple but highly advanced interface. This software supports the latest operating systems as well as Android and Apple computers. It allows users to edit images in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, and others.


  • The zero-learning curve, easy to use, even for beginners.
  • A clutter-free interface provides easiness in a workflow.
  • Less difficulty level as compared to Adobe Photoshop.
  • A multiple-layer editing system allows users to incorporate more of the natural world into their content.
  • It provides multilingual support. Thus, people who speak multiple languages can easily take benefit from InPixio.
  • Another great advantage is that InPixio is affordable.

Why Choose InPixio Photo Studio 11

Eraser—the ability to delete people and things:

The Erase and Color Select tools allow you to remove parts of people or objects from your picture. This will enable you to keep the quality of the image without damaging it.

InPixio erases unwanted parts of an image and undoes any work done with the Clone Stamp tool.

The uses include:

  • Remove roadblocks
  • Remove ambiance
  • Remove overlays
  • Change font and size
  • Remove data, text, watermarks, and logos

Optimize your images in just a few clicks:

Even a minor touchup can do wonders. Use Erase to erase any minor blemishes and smooth out all signs of aging. It’s even possible to improve skin appearance and remove wrinkles using this tool in conjunction with the Adjustment Brush.

Upgrade and Fix your old images:

Digitalization allows for a lot of creative freedom while preserving the integrity of your original, unaltered photos. With this fabulous Erase function, it’s easy to free yourself from any blemishes or imperfections that could potentially damage your precious memories.

Duplicate anything you want in a snap – Clone Feature:

Use the clone stamp tool to make minor adjustments to your design. By redrawing small or contrasting elements repeatedly, you can create powerful reproductions for designs. Use the “Clone” tool to make changes to a plan quickly and easily.

Cut anything from images like a pro:

With InPixio Photo Studio, it’s easy to remove items from a photo. What you choose to delete is determined by the algorithm, and it can be applied to a photo’s background or subject matter. Once active, this technique automatically removes details from an image.

Retention cursors provide you with an opportunity to remove important details and tweak them as you wish quickly. Such features as hair and makeup can be ideally deleted, leaving no trace of the former.

Collages or photomontages are a beautiful and timeless art form, but cutting pictures from magazines is difficult. Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that made collages from your images? Using 1-click, you can get your photos cut and collaged.

A new feature provides you with a Smoothing tool for creating a more natural-looking transition between foreground and background in your photomontage.


The power of photomontage makes it possible for you to combine your photography with text, graphics, and an array of other elements in a photo that wouldn’t be possible with print or its traditional analog equivalent.

Simple to Use – No Learning required:

Photo Studio is a choice for seasoned photographers, professionals, and amateurs alike. Algorithms can detect Photoshop problems (including ones that you haven’t even thought of) and guide you in improving your final results.

Latest features equipped with a sleek new design. It’s easy to use and fun to navigate. Let the world see what you have created with InPixio through the social media networks feature.

Mobile App

InPixio provides two excellent photo editing apps for iPhone and Android users. Photo Editor by InPixio offers an advanced photo editor for your smartphone available on the App Store and Google Play.

InPixio is a simple to use app that can automatically backup, organize, and share photos using Wi-Fi between your phone and pc/ mac.

It’s all too easy to shoot snapshots with a smartphone. Turning those snaps into professional photos is where inpixio apps play their role. This app includes many of the fancy filters that you’d find in other editing apps, including those that let you mimic film emulsion.

Best InPixio Alternatives:

Photo Pos Pro:

While initially a little cumbersome, this new technology is beneficial. It will take you a few minutes to understand it, but you will probably decide that it’s right for your business and worth the investment.

  • Pressing Alt-Tab while working in a software program can cause the software to act unpredictably.
  • It is very difficult for beginners.

Pixlr X:

Now, photo editors for the web were unable to compare with their desktop counterparts because they lacked features. Pixlr X is the first to close the gap. The app is still growing. However, some of its more advanced tools are still in beta.


GIMP is an open-source image editor with a suite of features most commonly found in Adobe Photoshop. It has a complex interface that discourages beginners.


InPixio products are among the best-designed and most easy-to-use products around. There’s no better way to present yourself on your website or in emails than with eye-catching images created by InPixio.

Try any photo editing software. The products will let you express your creativity and show off a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. No matter what your skill level, every editor should give these tools a shot.

InPixio platforms have various functions for professional image editing. These include screen sharing, photo sharing, etc.

It has advanced editing features and tools that can be used easily. Overall, InPixio is the most feature-packed software, which comes with a host of tools to help shop’s customers create the best possible content.

InPixio Photo Studio Video

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5

    InPixio Photo Studio is a great editor. I’ve been looking for this type of software for a long time. As an editing enthusiast, I was surprised that the tool is so easy to use. You can add filters and play with textures until you find the right one. On top of that, you can finish editing on multiple layers. It’s definitely worth the money!

  2. 5

    I was looking for a tool that could provide backup for my photos and organize them between my phone and my MAC. Thankfully, I got the best deal with this tool. Anyone who says InPixio can’t hold a candle to Photoshop has probably never used these types of editors. It is easy and doesn’t require you to be a professional.

  3. 4

    I did not expect the photo editor to be so versatile! Honestly, the best I hoped for was a couple of presets and an eraser tool. What I got was way beyond my expectations: the blur tools, the montage features, easy photo management – the list can go on.

  4. 5

    InPixio is an excellent tool for people like me. I don’t know a lot about photo editing, but I could add the texture to my image and transform it completely in just a few seconds. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a relatively easy tool and doesn’t want to be bothered with a complicated learning process.

  5. 5

    I wanted to edit a really old photo I had on my phone. By the time I have installed InPixio Photo Studio, I already knew how to do it. The program got rid of all the imperfections and blemishes in one click. I used the Erase function and touched up a few more pictures with the Adjustment Brush. Highly recommend!

  6. 5

    The interface is bomb, I found this on Bestphotoeditors.net, and the editing is super fast! I never thought that editors could do that much, but I’ve already added layers to all of my pics and used the filters.

  7. 5

    This is my first photo editor, and I am happy. I was afraid it would be too hard for me to navigate, but the tool is so intuitive! I’ve learned about it on Bestphotoeditors.net and went to check it out immediately. It’s also affordable, and the set of features is decent.

  8. 4

    No one told me you can transform your pic with an automatic brush and a clone feature! This tool has become my lifesaver. I needed to remove the background from the photo I took recently, and for me being an intermediate user, the program did not require additional knowledge.

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