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Exposure is a RAW file editor that makes it easy to edit the raw files that let you take your camera's images and make them look even more perfect. The software includes a unique, built-in post-production toolset that streamlines your workflow. The program works alone, meaning that you don't have to use any other software to do your post-production.

Exposure X6 Capacities

Exposure X6 allows you to add artistic effects, natural film grains, customize presets, add eye-catching color shifts, make color adjustments, edit, organize, seamlessly transition, and much more. Exposure is a powerful image-editing software that is well-suited to novice users and pros alike. It offers a full suite of tools and features for intuitive photo editing, from basic retouching to advanced adjustments.

System Requirements

Mac Model macOS 10.13 or Later
CPU Intel Core 2.0 GHz or Better
Memory 8 GB of RAM
Graphics 2.0 GB
Screen Resolution At least 1280×768
CPU Intel Core 2.0
Memory 8 GB of RAM
Graphics GPU 2.0 GB
System Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Disk Space 1.0 GB free
Screen Resolution At least 1280×768

Exposure X6 Features

  • A photo editing app that lets you edit photos in a non-destructive way.
  • More than 500 pre-designed and customizable templates.
  • Offers single click automatic repair.
  • The latest masking tools are available to help you focus your attention on the task at hand.
  • Software products include full-featured plugins for Adobe's award-winning photography and design programs, Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Tags, collections, and tagsets.

Exposure X6 Pros & Cons


The wide range of customization options available when editing a new image is one reason that makes us stand out from our competition.

Intuitive user interface either you are an amateur or professional.

Beautifully designed overlays to personalize your photos.

Quality products at great prices.

Intelligent and Efficient Digital Asset Management.

Sophisticated cataloging and browsing tools allow ease of management.


Some computers don’t perform well with Exposure X6.

Exposure X6 does not support image layers.

It does not provide a tremendous RAW image processing.

Exposure X6 Review

Exposure X6 – A Review

Exposure X6 itself acts as a plugin. The plugin can be used as an external editor of your images within Adobe Photoshop and as a plugin within Lightroom.

This image editing software is packed with advanced tools to manipulate photos and other digital media files easily. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll enjoy using the latest technology to improve your image quality and save time in the process.

Using the Exposure software, you can quickly and effortlessly transfer digital files from your camera to your computer. Once they are on your computer, you can make changes to them with as much or as little effort as you need.

You can alter the relative size of lines, shapes, and areas. You can change the shape, color, tone, or style of an image. You can also add visual effects to enhance your composition.

Exposure is the perfect photo editing tool for anyone who wants to turn even the dullest photos into artworks. Its easy-to-use interface provides an ideal introduction to photo editing for those who have never used an editing tool before.

If you have still not found all the information you need, we recommend that you look at Exposure’s X6 extensive library of video tutorials.

Why Choose Exposure X6?

The best photo editor for its creative capabilities:

Exposure is a powerful and easy-to-use photo editor that lets you turn your snapshots into works of art. Exposure combines professional-grade photo adjustments, an impressive collection of easy-to-use tools, and an efficient design that makes it fast and fun to use with its stunning library of looks. Automatically update your designs as you make changes. New automatic adjustments keep people in the creative zone and help them get more work done.

Mesmerizing Appearance:

With so many breathtaking film presets, you can quickly get a beautiful vintage look on your photos.

Exposure magazine’s film looks are the ideal way for photographers to get inspired. Based on its research, Exposure has developed a cutting-edge line of film simulation tools. Exposure X6 has the most extensive collection of the film to customize your look based on your taste.

You can create custom color and font settings for each of Exposure’s built-in looks. Then save those settings as a personal look that suits your style. Then reuse those personal settings to make consistent colors and fonts across all of your projects with just one click.

Unusual Innovative set of Tools:

Exposure gives you incredible creative tools to bring out the best in your photos.

These tools include the most sophisticated and flexible color editor in the market, a realistic film grain effect that can be fine-tuned to match any lighting situation, realistic lens focus effects that make it look as though you’re looking through an objective camera lens, professional-quality tilt-shift effects, and an enormous variety of overlays such as borders, light effects, and textures.

Develop a unique style with Exposure. Apply selective effects to specific areas of a photo with brushes and masking.

Exposure is known for its incredible selection of photo effects and blend presets. You can use the non-destructive layers to adjust, then save them as a preset for future use.

Exposure’s intuitive interface and extensive editing features make it one of the most straightforward consumer photo editors on the market. You can blend photos, edit effects, create collages, and more.

Concentrate on your Artistic Accomplishments:

Exposure is easy to use and offers many creative options.

Working with Exposure X6 is fast, easy, and fun. It’s easy to navigate and use, offering a reliable suite of editing tools for photographers of all skill levels.

Its new GPU processing engine cuts down on wait time so that you can multitask with ease.

Exposure is the best way to organize your images. It gives you a single, simple interface for browsing, searching, and viewing your photos. It also lets you seamlessly transition between organizing, editing, and viewing your photos.

Incredible Service:

When you use Exposure, you benefit from a stable and reliable piece of software. It’s the perfect tool for any digital photography workflow, from raw to HDR to special effects.

Exposure X6 has been building award-winning imaging software for over two decades. The exceptional customer support of Exposure X6 is well known for being swift and reliable.


Exposure X6 has a rather large collection of highly realistic presets for creating a sense of the ‘analog’ film. It also contains a feature set similar to Adobe Photoshop and offers a good range of non-destructive image editing tools. Exposure X6 is an excellent photo management system. It’s a hybrid approach with powerful search and album tools in addition to live folder browsing.

Despite its RAW capabilities, the app is still behind the competition. It’s a decent tool for a beginner, but it still can’t compete with other photo editor apps like Capture One or Lightroom, and DxO PhotoLab.

Exposure X6, with its new dynamic tone mapping and sharpen tool, is generally reasonable. The new sliders, however, don’t seem practical right now.

Exposure X6 is an exciting update to an excellent product. However, the software itself is already so good at what it does and so interesting in its execution that this hardly diminishes its appeal.

For analog enthusiasts, Exposure X6 is the most reliable and effective tool for image editing. It’s a great standalone application or a top-notch plugin, and it’s a must-have for any photographer who wants to create high-quality images with considerable ease.

Exposure X6 Video

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5

    Bestphotoeditors.net recommended me this, and I am so happy that I finally found this editor! I love the fact that it’s suitable not only for editing professionals but for amateurs as well. I can navigate the tool without having to stress about my next move and also catalog images I want to work with.

  2. 4

    Couldn’t get enough of the tilt-shift and grain effects this editor has in store. It has lots of features available – starting from clever photo upgrading to borders, textures, and lighting adjustment. Whether you are an expert in editing or new to this, you will be able to fix your images, sharpen them, and add colors that fit your particular brand or business commercial.

  3. 5

    I have already used the presets on this tool to give my photos that charming, vintage look that is now trending. There are customized color tones and font settings for each of the pics you are working with. My socials are going to look fantastic!

  4. 5

    I first learned about Exposure X6 on Bestphotoeditors.net, and it made my editing experience so much fun! I really can’t recommend this enough. I used to be so frustrated about the color settings and lighting options – this tool has it all, and you can personalize pictures in one click. This is a great editor to be a little creative with your images and make them shine.

  5. 4

    Wanted to try out the masking tools, and the editor lived up to my expectations. It has stunning visuals, great templates, and more than 500 images you can customize on your own. Those of you who have never tried editing before can easily pick up on the skills that you need. It’s really worth the investment.

  6. 5

    Some of the photos I have in the archive need automatic repair, and I couldn’t wait to use this feature once I bought Exposure X6. The overlays are very aesthetically pleasing, and I’ve already enhanced the brightness on all of my photos!

  7. 5

    Found this with the help of Bestphotoeditors.net and wasn’t so sure about it at first, but then I read it could restore your pics, and I was hooked. The tool can easily compete with other, much more intricate editing programs, and it doesn’t require you to be an advanced user to edit. Plus, they’ve already got the tools to help you out.

  8. 4

    It can be really hard to manage the interface on some tools, especially if you are a first-time user. This is not the case with this one, however. I immediately knew where to go and what to do to customize all of my images. The tool does a great job of personalizing your photos and manipulating your files in the right way.

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