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Learn to be creative with Adobe Creative Cloud. Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, XD, and InDesign are innovative software programs that help you explore your creativity.

Adobe Creative Cloud Capacities

The applications available in the Adobe Creative Cloud are truly a must-have for any graphic designer using a Mac or even a PC.

They're all incredibly useful tools that improve efficiency and productivity, make work easier, and reduce the amount of time spent searching for the right graphic file or program.

If you are a professional who uses multiple programs, Creative Cloud is a must.

When considering the cost of Adobe Creative Suite, some shoppers might be hesitant to purchase the entire package.

You'll find it more cost-effective to purchase just a few of the applications in the suite rather than the entire package.

System Requirements

Processor Intel / AMD, or ARM processor with 64-bit support
Graphics Open GL 3.3 or Later
Memory 2 GB of RAM
System Windows 7, 10
Disk Space 4 GB free
Monitor At least 1280×768
Internet Internet Connection
Mac Model macOS Sierra
Processor Two or more cores with 64-bit support
OS Version macOS Sierra version 10.12 or higher

Adobe Creative Cloud Features

  • With all the essential tools for any designer, you can work on Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, UXPin, InDesign, and other design programs.
  • An option exists to create custom web templates with your branding to use for your clients. These templates can be stored in the Cloud and accessed by your clients at a moment's notice.
  • Adobe's Creative Cloud service offers you access to a wide variety of photo and video assets, as well as design templates, video content, and other useful support for website building.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription service that gives you online storage. Instead of limiting access to a single desktop or laptop, you can access your content from any device.

Adobe Creative Cloud Pros & Cons


Adobe Creative Cloud is amazing! With the software programs, it makes everything so much easier. You can use the products to create anything you want, and they are so easy to use!

It enables you to manage your photo library with Lightroom seamlessly. It makes managing and editing photos effortless, and you can use the presets feature.

Overall the feedback is very positive. It's important to highlight exactly the main points so people can read them and hopefully understand why they're being addressed.

The ability of products in the suite to work together seamlessly is the most remarkable feature of the Creative Cloud.

Adobe creative cloud also provides you an opportunity to start a free trial.


These apps weren't designed to run offline, and options exist to prevent them from running in the windows background.

Periodic monthly payments for the software is completely disgusting

The apps available in the Adobe Creative Cloud Store are not as fast and user-friendly as we would like them to be.

Around 50% of Lightroom users buy the wrong plan, and some choose the wrong one because they are too busy to research their options.

Adobe Creative Cloud Review

Struggling to find a professional-looking design that doesn’t require hours of work?

Want to find a way to give your clients professional-looking designs without the hassle of actually having to design web graphics?

Everyone knows Adobe Creative Cloud is the first choice for designers, but it is also great for collaborating on projects with colleagues.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collaborative space that allows users to communicate and share resources in separate folders.

In the app, you have access to 20+ powerful apps that assists graphic designers in completing work efficiently and quickly.

It includes the ubiquitous Adobe Photoshop flagship graphics application. It also includes new Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Mix, and so on.

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to a range of editing features so that you can work more efficiently. You can delete, rename, and move content from the shared folders.

You can choose to pay your monthly subscription or decide to pay for each app individually.

Adobe Creative Cloud App bundles are a great way to incorporate multiple Adobe products into a single subscription.

It’s an easy way for Adobe professionals to make good use of all their apps and make them more efficient.

Learn to be creative with Adobe Creative Cloud. Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are innovative software programs that help you explore your creativity.

What is included in Adobe Creative Cloud?

Acrobat Pro DC:

Adobe Acrobat is an extremely popular, widely-used program.

It’s a great tool for creating and editing PDF files and is a great way to convert and share PDFs to other file formats, such as DOC, XLS, or TXT.

Adobe Acrobat is a powerful PDF authoring tool available for virtually all platforms that let you create and edit PDFs.

It’s super easy to use and does not come with any restrictions on the number of forms you can create or open at a time.


Photoshop is a great tool for graphic designers. It has everything you need to make something from scratch, edit images, make collages, and more.

Its versatility even allows you to gather some tips on web page design.

The platform is extremely user-friendly. This fact ensures that it will be very popular among users.

However, due to the many functions and features that the platform offers, users might get lost or confused with some of the added options.


More suitable for photo editing, Adobe Lightroom offers a vast range of features for organizing and processing photographs.

This tool is ideal for anyone who likes to take a lot of photos, but it’s also a great choice for those that prefer to edit their images on the go.

The main downside of Adobe Lightroom is that it can make your computer run a bit slower due to the large amount of data it downloads.

But this shouldn’t be taken as a negative since it’s common for professional photo editing software to take up many RAM and processor power.

Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro:

Even in a world where music video editing tools like Vegas and Premiere are freely available online, Adobe Premiere continues to thrive and evolve.

There are two versions of the video editing software: a simpler, leaner version for beginners called Rush; and a more advanced version for Pro.

Although it doesn’t have the extremely deep feature set of Premiere Pro, Rush has an intuitive interface and can import audio from your audio devices directly into the software.

You can also download royalty-free tracks from the app.

Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro are both powerful tools for editing videos. Easily edit your rushes with a powerful timeline, then go back and refine as necessary with Pro’s intuitive tools.

The Sync feature helps you bring together the two applications to combine their power into one complete workflow.

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator, one of the most popular applications among graphic designers and visionaries, is an indispensable tool in the industry.

Adobe Illustrator is vector-based design software that makes it exceptionally simple to create and manipulate 2D graphic elements.

This application is an ideal tool for brand identity design, web design, illustration, animation, and so much more.

It’s exactly what a graphic designer needs to make their job easier. Graphic designers can and do use it, whether they are illustrators or not.

It has more than enough features for everyone to be satisfied with.


InDesign is design software that provides endless flexibility for multipage layouts.

It’s a great choice for creating books, magazines, brochures, and websites.

That said, InDesign is great for both print and digital publications alike.

Its integration with Adobe’s huge library of font files and its ability to handle all types of text files make it an invaluable tool for designers.

After Effects:

After Effects is the industry standard for creating special effects and animations.

It’s an incredibly powerful piece of software that allows you to do amazing things with existing video footage. It’s also really easy to learn, which makes it a great tool for beginners.

And there’s more to this program than first meets the eye.

There’s so much more to learn, such as making 3D objects from photos, downloading and editing videos to sync with the music, and changing your text.


If you like working with website tools, then you’ll find Dreamweaver easy to learn and use. It features a user-friendly interface and is reliable and stable.

You can set up Dreamweaver to edit files from within Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. But it’s still not ideal for beginners.

You have to learn the ins and outs of each app individually — a task that would be much easier with a single integrated development environment.


Adobe XD is a rather new prototyping tool. It is considered to be the best one among others available in the market.

As responsive design becomes more and more popular, the Repeat Grid is a handy tool for creating multiple copies of various elements of your design.

The studio has many features for professional web designers, but it also comes with a huge range of kits and templates that will keep you on the bleeding edge.

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