We are open to discuss the way we can partner with vendors, service providers, photographers, and other market actors. The partnership should give extra value to our readers or the project itself. Please note that it can not compromise the quality and the objectiveness of the editorial materials.

The most typical ways to partner are:

  • a vendor can donate the license for the software to get the review published
  • a vendor can get advertised on the pages of the project (CPA, fixed, revenue sharing, or hybrid model)
  • a photographer or other industry professional can become a content contributor
  • hardware manufacturer or the distributor can get advertised or the hardware can get reviewed if it fits the content policy

The advertisement of the services or apps is the way to support the financial freedom of the project. We understand the risks to become subjective when it comes to judging the active partners’ photo editors. 

We separate the process of reviewing and making advertisement deals physically. The writer never knows if the vendor is an active partner. The partner is always informed about our objectiveness policy. There is no direct communication between writer and “photo editor“.

To keep us less dependent on advertisers, we might split the traffic and sell it to several partners simultaneously. Most of the decisions we make based on the EPC (earnings per click) of the campaign. We always inform partners before we start doing anything so there won’t be any surprises.

There might be other cases, not mentioned above, so do not hesitate to contact us with your question anytime.