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Hi friends! Today I will tell you about three incredibly useful services which will greatly speed up your work process. Moreover these services are based on the Artificial Intelligence, so you will be able to touch the future and feel how we will work in a couple of years.

The first service which we will look at is called Remove bg. It helps to remove the background from your photos. It seems that there is already a huge variety of such services; you can simply remove the background in Photoshop. But if we want to experience its advantages let’s upload some images and see what this service is capable of.

It is possible to start with something simple enough, let’s try to get rid of the background in this photo in such a way that there is only a girl left.

It takes you only three seconds to remove the background and now you can download it in high resolution.

If something in the photo wasn’t removed perfectly well, there is always an option to click on edit button and go to section erase /restore and select function erase. Then you simply adjust the size of the brush and carefully remove the defect you don’t like. Moreover, if you’ve accidentally erased an extra area, click restore button and return to previous version.

Next, if you go to the background section and download some background without using Photoshop, customize it and choose the degree of blur you need. It is easy to quickly edit your photos to enhance the quality, look and the overall impact of a picture.

Now, if you are still skeptical, let me show you something even more interesting. Let’s upload another photo.

How would you like the picture, where we have a huge amount of thin hair that is really hard to single out?  Let’s see what Remove bg can do about it, and again everything is ready in two seconds.

What remains is to get rid of a little pigtail, but you see how really cool it works!

To make sure that the service really works well, let’s choose one more photo with quite complex hair situation.

Notice, how good it has removed the background around the hair and along the contour of our model.

I highly recommend using Remove bg as it is simply irreplaceable at work, because instead of suffering with the selection and so on, you can simply click one button and get the job is done!

It is worth mentioning that this site allows you to download 5 files in one registration but it is possible to register as many times as you wish, and download as many photos as you like.

We go to the second site that allows us to save the situation when we have a photo with a low resolution and we need to enhance its quality.

Let’s download a photo with a resolution of 600 x 403 and see what Letsenhance can do with it.

It is important to mention that you can choose the way of upscaling. You can trust the program by choosing smart enhance mode or choose photo 2.0 mode if you are sure that you have an exceptional face in the photograph and let’s see what happens. You can also choose the upscaling resolution 2K or 4K. To see the result and compare   before vs. after we take a precise look at the photo.

The output turned out to be 2400 x 1612. We upscaled from 600p so this is a fantastic result! Therefore, in such cases when you absolutely need to upscale a photo Letsenhance copes with the task and the result is much cooler than initial snapshot.

Let’s try again to upscale a photo of  Batwoman.

You choose smart enhance mode, then click start and the result is ready. You can download it and see what processing has resulted in.

This time final product is even better than the previous one. If we upscale photo to 2K, the program is still able to get needed information. Our original image was 618 at the output and turned out 1236 pixels.

Letsenhance is really amazing! It has good pricing policy; you can register and get 5 free editing services. They are calculated as loans and if you want to make more attempts make a new account or you can support developers and pay 10 dollars for 100 processed photos.

The last but not the least site is called and it gives you the opportunity to process your photos in style of incredibly famous artists.

Here’s an example of image processing in Van Gogh style.

First of all upload the image, choose the style to process the photo and get the result. So simple!

After you have uploaded a photo and chosen one of the listed styles wait for a while, usually they claim around 10 minutes, though it happens a little faster.

It is also important to remember that your final result highly depends on the original image and the style you choose. You can use to make an imitation of the picture, print it out and give to a friend or even sell!

Maybe you’ve also come across interesting services based on neural networks that can create or process images? If so, share links in the comments.

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