Our Story

The interest in content creation brought us together in 2016. We worked in photography and post-production already in that days. We are a team of four at the moment and work in different locations due to the COVID pandemic.

The last year proved that the need for quality photography and illustrations is going to grow. Millions of people are consuming digital content every minute. The tools of the trade have changed today. That's why we want to share our professional experience in the series of articles and reviews.

The BestPhotoEditors team consists of an editor, web engineer, content manager, and contributors. If you want to become a part of our project - please send us a letter with the CV and samples of articles and/or reviews. We are always looking for people who can add value to our team.

  • Andrew Editor



    I am a philologist. I have a background in telecommunications and digital content creation. I love photography and storytelling. Joined the team to bring the project to the next level.

  • Mark Engineer


    Web Engineer

    My goal is to make the partner’s articles as accessible on the web as possible. I’m responsible for the publishing and maintenance of the project’s content. Let me know if something goes wrong)

What is Our Purpose

Project Goals

Let us define why we are doing this job and what we want to achieve. What kind of motivation fuels the project.

  • Transparency Icon
    The web is not the place where you find the truth easily. We want to become the authority in photo editing.
  • Objectiveness Icon
    We avoid subjective judgments. We test the software and editing services in teams. We discuss the results before we publish anything.
  • Positivity Icon
    We do not aim to criticize or hurt the vendor. We do not hype on the conflict or the negative news.